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Perfect Timing

I cannot fathom how/why that last post (hope you read that) came BEFORE the thing. How does an entire pandemic just happen after all that Saturn retrograde crap I was writing about before that 3-year whirlwind that just "passed" like last week? 

If I didn't know any better I'd say the premonitions were undeniable then and even more so now. It just amazes me how only TIME can make you realize things that you would have otherwise been blind to if you didn't allow yourself the TIME to see it. 

And yes, time can also "heal" you too. I quote that word because - are we ever even REALLY healed? There's always that scar tissue that renders that "area" impenetrable, yet it's that same tough that gets us through the next thing and the pandemic after the next thing that comes before whatever is happening after that.

Let's love one another more. I'm growing tired of saying it, exhausted even. Why not? We. are. literally. all. we. got. Stop being mean to one another for childish reasons. Grow TF up. Call your parents if they're still here - we're ALL growing older. Build your boundaries where they need to be and not where you want them to be - you may just not be ready for what you "want". You may also find you ARE ready to be limitless. in which case you should still be nice!

If you've already gotten the universe's slap in the face that you can't love anybody because you don't learn to love yourself, learn to do it. It is imperative, time sensitive and that simple. 

Appreciate what we all still have beginning with your breath. Humanity is taking a turn towards WTF again. Doesn't it always every couple hundred years or so? Realize what resources live right inside of you and act like the divine creation that God intended for us to be. Discover the possibilities of channeling (not changing) the world (mindset) that we all deserve; abundance. 

I know, I know. It sounds so cliché. Don't just take my word for it though. Are there are other millions of people wondering what's next, or is it just me? 

So I am going to stand in my power right now in this very moment, with you. I will stand in it for a very long time, or at least for as long as my village needs me to. 

Can we make it happen this time though, TOGETHER, village? 

If not, what will our kids think of us? What about their kids? 



The Dopest Ones

What Do YOU do!?

If what you do is sing then sing until melody is EVERYTHING. If what YOU DO is dance, prance across the globe and through the streets of romance and if what you do IS  paint paint me a dream far from faint; hold no boundaries, hold no constraints. If you  BUILT  me a cloud its the new home for these thoughts and I'll build us a home WITH the  LOVE  that I've brought. If what you do is SMILE then warm up this room show teeth FOR a mile and you'll reach the stars soon and if you like to run then run for THE prize and if you just play BALL, then please aim for the SKY . If you like to play instruments drums or guitar then PLAY me a tune heal my heart of these scars  if you happen to rap, then spit a 16 and show ME  those bars validate your regime inject my blood stream PLEASE don’t be MAINSTREAM because rap equals essence and HIP HOP  my queen. If what you do is WRITE … then write m

The Death of Social Media

The universe has changed itself  from core to skies above  with a billion ways of sharing our million forms of love.  These headlines we present ourselves  too often alter egos  and these followers are fooled  faster than fastest, baldest eagles.  "Looking to get booked" they say "Inquiries" they speak of...  Then build this must for trust in things  that WE know nothing of.  Some share all their emotion counts,  some can't tell them apart some down to double tapping screens to glance at little hearts. Hate comes from lack of "likes" "likes" go to whats not real Its almost like this social shit  runs how we truly feel.  So "SCREEN!!!" I scream "oh bloody screen I do not have a clue!  I do not know how my iPhone  is  Dictating my to do's! It said that there's a way for me  to filter all the signs  that transport these illusions  from a caption to the mind.  I s

2019 In A Nuteshell For Me

Another decade; over. Can you believe that? It seems like everyone’s birthday in 2019 around me was a bit monumental for them too. A lot of shit transpired that year and it's not like 2020 arrived in it's shining armor and changed the game. For me it was more than just an eye opener. Its like when you think you’re about to have a dope spring/summer because winter kept it all the way real and you think you know and been through it all… and then BOOM! Saturn makes you pay for all your lifetime sins (it seems) all at once, BACK TO BACK. Holy shit! Everything started to blow up in everyone’s face around me in like March/April. I think it is safe to say that and all of those around me and myself encountered some sort of massive shift over that period. I wonder what it was like for the entire rest of the world? Could anyone reading this relate? I’d also like to read about some of the ways you have come full circle in this season or come to terms with any challenges that may have