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Blue Moons and Fashion

Stare at your reflections like you're staring into brightness.
In a dimly little room say "greatness (patient) waits to bite this."
Our fear allowed me to write this so my voice can try and recite this
so that wonderful dreams and what lover won't see make an impact enough to ignite this.

If you like this, your heaven excites this.
If you're "woke" you could never despise this.
Our thrones and abilities naturally grow,
our mental agility rises... 

... and the sky is where our high is.
Anyone else's being where mine is?
Are we blind? Is lack of kindness
raising numbers in crisis like time is?

Is it temporary, is it timeless?
the pollution has rendered us blinded.
Could we ever abuse or get used to the blues
if our mindlessness leads to deny this?

So I close my eyes and I find this
alarm only goes off when the time is
to speak of what I know in a poetic form
and just pray that one soul could enlighten...

...til then, blue moons and fashion crash besi…