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Hopeful Romantic

Remember that night I fell asleep and let the wind push the clouds? You know, for once I could not frown Because they tilted my sleep to a free fall so steep That somehow, I fell under your crown. And this dreamworld I felt was the warmest of places. More comforting was those forehead kisses you gave me when you came from wherever it is that you were. You arrived with this shield and this cape made of fur, And who questions a sight so absurd? So the thought – I adjourned. I must have been deep. Now I wake and here you are; You’re not my sun, nor a star or the moonlight so bright that can shine from so far. You are light; but like you’ve traveled this far And left your baggage in places where you just had to depart but worry not, ‘Cause one more time we’ll embark. And all those knights that you brought shall voyage into your soul; Embark in masses of battles that last until we grow old Or ‘til you’re finally told that if this tongue fails to p