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Cloud Nine

The gas, it grows thicker On this hydro plane. The beat of our rhythm Just isn't the same. Oh, how I just wish This was no fruitless trip With hopes of US still... We're attached at the hip. I wandered and stared At the white open sky. It rendered me calm, With no clear reason why. I've never been loved In this strangest of ways But if love is so, For too long don't stray. While stuck on our "then" Avoiding the now, Emotional coasters Now question the "hows?". It never came easy To learn and to grow So do I pick up the pieces? From here, where to go? I blame no one for this; What felt so deceiving. My cries, deeply rooted And you don't believe me! Everyone sees me And questions my pain. Could I care less When there's so much to gain? Again we succumb To such distance, such haste. Your speech filled my void. What's love without trace? The lust in these c