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Twenty-Fine "Queen"

Photo: Jamaal Clark  visit IG page Model/Muse: Pea Medina  visit IG page What makes you "queen"?  Is it an imaginary place in your own game of thrones,  or that stare of stone from above your cheekbones  that let the entire world just know?  Is it inside of your pupils that lie countless miles of self worth  since you've #broken down the walls of a curse  that for lifetimes caused you some necessary hurt?  Were you ready to convert into the woman that  on this day they stare in the face with such grace?  Like the best wine that took it's sweet while to get that fine,  you've developed a lasting taste only authenticity can define. You have to have been there to see it-  done all these years with me to believe it  when TIME was the only remedy that churned this  self love, so divine.  So a toast just for you, twenty-nine. 


Poem & Illustration by Pea Medina Acrylic Paint on 12"x 24" Canvas Inquiries Sometimes (awake) I face the pane and spy the calming rain.  I'd wonder if this sudden reign  has only come in vain.  I'd strain; I'd refrain  from fear of falling weak. Then butterflies  from eyes so bright defeat my sleep.  With no clue whatsoever  who could ever explain these how's, I luckily sat there, patiently beneath this midnight power.  It wasn't very dark, although  it was the mid-night hour  when our minds are out there  wandering leaving wandering souls devoured and I said:  "stare at your reflection  like you're staring into brightness." Faced a dimly-lit mirror,  said  "greatness (patient) waits to bite this..." Now, my fears allowed me to write this  so my voice can try and recite this,  so that wonderful dreams and what lovers won't see make an impact enough to ignite t