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Edgar Allan

Acrylic Paint on a 16"x 24" Canvas By Pea Medina Instagram

The Trap

If you ride the Brooklyn bound A train in Manhattan... Blank stares on the A train I recognize this too completely Express stops to nowhere  Where expressions can live freely  And the train is packed  so there's no room for healing  what we're dealing with here.  It's called new yorker syndrome.  Out of towners are perplexed by  The emptiness such a lit city can bring home. Their accents, questions and lack  of direction makes our ears ring.  They don't understand us .  They know that we are free   While we fear they'll reprimand us  For feeling free enough to agree that  A little while back new York  fucked up the family tree that  brings us all together, and we're  Losing hopes due to the note that  we might have fucked up forever .  We don't mind our own endeavors enough  To hide the disdain because  It costs us to breathe .  We often don't complain because  the garners had it worse and  Their


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