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Meet "HER," or "ELLE," or as my mom likes to call her, "Ella".  She is a shadow that symbolizes flow through organized chaos. In a word interesting enough to not be too crazy, dark enough to show her light but just the right amount of colorful lightning added, I look at her as my motivation to keep my cool. This is is a four piece installment I painted with acrylic paint on four 9" x 12" canvases, which together form a 18" x 24" installment. It is currently hanging up over my work desk, but prints are definitely available for sale.  Click Here to bring "HER" home to you!

The Death of Social Media

The universe has changed itself  from core to skies above  with a billion ways of sharing our million forms of love.  These headlines we present ourselves  too often alter egos  and these followers are fooled  faster than fastest, baldest eagles.  "Looking to get booked" they say "Inquiries" they speak of...  Then build this must for trust in things  that WE know nothing of.  Some share all their emotion counts,  some can't tell them apart some down to double tapping screens to glance at little hearts. Hate comes from lack of "likes" "likes" go to whats not real Its almost like this social shit  runs how we truly feel.  So "SCREEN!!!" I scream "oh bloody screen I do not have a clue!  I do not know how mIphone  is  Dictating my to do's! It said that there's a way for me  to filter all the signs  that transport these illusions  from a caption to the mind.  I say