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Love Kites

Fairy tales  written on my rear view mirrors of you. Your description of love seems so far from the truth. It has tarnished me blue   though it made bulletproof   All the feelings that for you I grew. I drive you off with one sweep   You have grown much in touch with your sleep When I try in the night not to weep   Its because you played my love for keeps. I will write every night when i soar I won't stop if I'm weak or i'm sore   I will not be a bore to these challenges more   I have shot for the moon and I've scored. But we need one another's bright lights   and despite all the fuss and the fights I can't help but implore on your   acts to give more so that   Love may one day fly it's kites.   - Pea Medina  #projectlovebot

Nightis. Leo Nightis.

Greetings Leos, Lionesses, Kings, Gods and any lion lovers in general. Here meet LeoNightIs, a lion that lived in my brain for some time and eventually made it on this paper. From my head to the lead, it finally came to life after adding a little bit of imagination and acrylic paint.  "Leo Nightis" Acrylic Paint on 9"x 11" Canvas By Pea Medina  Instagram

Hopeful Romantic

Sometimes I write poetry and share it with friends. Click and hopefully you'll enjoy! 

Brain Fcuk

Que Importa!?

Have you every been caught in a whirlwind of situations and worried sick about things beyond your control? If so, I have some advice for you. Just put your fuck it face on and say "Who cares!?" Literally, there's nothing more you can do. This is precisely what I was experiencing during the time I spent painting "Que Importa" which translates into just that - who cares? I'd plug my earbuds in and take walks with my shades on listening to Jay Z and Kanye's "Made In America" song and think of ways to "be on top." Around this time is when I discovered "genius level talent", but that's a totally different textversation.  Anyway, this is my depiction of myself walking down the street after being caught up in the bullshit. Remember, what do you say?  "Que Importa!?" Click here to purchase this nice chunk of IDGAF!
Orange you glad I'm not finished?   -Pea Medina  Acrylic Canvas 16"x 20"