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To Dream... The Impossible Dream?

"It is easy to hate and it is difficult to love. This is how the whole scheme of things works. All good things are difficult to achieve and all bad things are easy to get"  - Confucius 

          It was always this kind of rhetoric that I ignored as it was repeatedly recited to me in attempts to engrave wisdom into a child who had yet to experience life. I was more so trying to figure out the mysterious things. The human-like features of "Papa Dios" (God) and what those powers the elders spoke of entailed drove my curiosity through the roof. While growing up into the woman I am today, I often wondered why I'd spend countless nights wondering about something that was promised to never physically be seen until death came and we had to follow that light, not realizing that faith is something that must grow from within and we must possess inside of us without the need to constantly verify its existence. I then learned to channel and apply that energy towards my desire to change things in my world for the better. Anyway, I'm glad things happened in that order because faith is pretty much all that's left inside of me besides the courage and perseverance to endure what human beings have made this place we call "our home" to be, both good and bad. Faith is what helps me sleep at night, knowing that Confucius had a very interesting yet unfortunately true point.
          Lets face it, although it is said that good news travels fast, bad news travels even faster than the speed of light, it seems. I blame a lot of it on technology after ourselves. As an example, I'd say most of the people in this world don't know who I am, therefore, to them I am a nobody and that's all fine. The irony is I have yet to find the niche of readers for my blog that enjoy reading about how unfortunate situations and mishaps can be turned into life lessons that can be applied into making things better next time around. Its just not popular enough, its too cliche and will never compete with the violent fights and public sexual video complications constantly plastered on modern day urban Internet sites. The point is that the Internet or social media platforms rather, have become one of the main (if not the main) reasons why negativity is spreading faster than ever before. 
  Like the many positive individuals today, there are beings exsiting with horrible things constantly taking over their minds that should have no business spreading morbidity. We all know this cannot be stopped. From laws protecting the freedom of expression to the simple fact that there are just too many of them, the reasons for this can be endless. Us humans carry a diversity of emotions, but unlike any other species today we have countless ways of expressing it, promoting it, inflicting it on to others and eventually, this has contributed to destroying our own kind. For instance, there is someone else out there right now reading this very blog post wondering "What the FUCK is she talking about?" or thinking "…blah blah blah, get a life and stop sulking about the world. Accept it!" Don't think I can prove it? It's all in my inbox. 

So what exactly does this have to do with Confucius's idea of "the grand scheme of things?" 

           It's a given that people will continue to boost privative actions faster than positive virtues taking place in the world today. I can only wish for a Twitter with nothing but happy and inspiring tweets, a Facebook with a more intriguing and newsworthy feed, and an Instagram with less grouse and degrading photos and sites with less oral sex performed on New York City trains influencing underaged prostitution and drug abuse. I can admit and accept that this is the world we live in, but I am a firm believer that if we are the ones putting this on the front pages of our everyday reads, we can over power it with something different so that these things aren't all that our future knows. 

The reality is this begins with you, who has diligently read through my entire thought process from last night. Would you take on the difficult task to help OUR world become a better place for US to live in, and live knowing you contributed to making a difference, or would you accept the things as they are in fear that indifference may cause some irredeemable consequences to come about? 

Just think about it.


The Dopest Ones

New Poem Coming Soon

Beauty 101: The Lip Series By Lismua

Written By Pierina Medina

Calling all girls, women, ladies, princesses, queens, make-up lovers and BEAUTY
Have you taken the time out of your day to view freelance make up artist Lismua's
Well, luckily you're in the right place at the right time. 
Check out her latest creations as she takes wearing lipstick to a whole new level!!! 
Seriously... LOOK! 


#WhinByAnyMeans #Artsy Event Performing "My Dear" (Mind Over Matter) at Mimosa Lounge

First off, I'd love to thank the ENTIRE 
Whin Committee
For introducing me to a new world of performing arts. I have NEVER in my life touched  a stage before, but I feel like after last thursday, it may have been the start to something amazing.  As long as I can openly share my thoughts, strengths, and weaknesses through spoken word with the world, the feeling is prodigious. I'm not going to lie, I was the most nervous I had been since I was in labor almost three years ago. Something interesting happened though. The butterflies suddenly turned into wings that lifted me up into the clouds, into a much higher place. 
I did mess up, a couple of times (oh well.) But overall I think it was a pretty good turn out. 
But this video is dedicated mostly to all my
the ones who leave me comments, read my poems from DAY 1, and  continue to be the reason why I share my passion for writing which has flourished into a dream to recite 
Spoken Word Poetry. 
I love you all, and her…


In my mind i have a Visual
Of all of my residuals The mess that i have made Love CAN be individual!
I never try to escape it I try to cast no fears And every time I fall again
My soul just drowns in tears.

I wear my claws out on my sleeves So you could See it coming And don't you hide Behind those eyes Or think that you'll be running. I don't relate to evil But the world is far from safe, And til I head back home I need a love I could embrace
One with good intention, One with no expectation. One that results happiness And much consideration. A love so strong it's concrete An abstract work of art, An accident engraved itself Directly in my heart.
My heavy thoughts - apocalyptic They hide inside These thoughts so cryptic It's far from normal, Destiny brought this It's project lovebot, MY synopsis

With Love,


Edgar Allan



The time has come yet again to stroll down the streets of Inwood, Manhattan.  It's one of those places you can never ignore, and will always find something worth reading about or visiting.
The most important thing about this place for me at least, is that the memories made here growing up will never be forgotten. For instance, when I turned 18 and decided to get my first tattoo.  I had been obsessed with keys for FOREVER. 
Old, vintage looking keys, dungeons and dragon looking keys, all sorts of  crazy old rusty odd looking keys.  They hold a ton of meaning to me, primarily because they serve the purpose of opening doors. But besides that, I had been looking at Miguel's work for quite some time. MIGUEL made that tattoo of my dreams happen for me! 
is the owner and tattoo artist at 
Liquid Skin Studio 
Located on

165 Sherman Avenue between 204th Street and Academy Street.

Aside from being one of the most skilled tattoo artists and humbled human beings I know, his sho…