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Broken Smiles

Through the cracks of that shack you call your own habitat,  I can hear the squeaks from the storm setting in. Some must intake the real Some withhold from within 
When raindrops wash all the dry tear marks of fear from your face Paint a smile I can actually feel
Ask not how, But with your drive high gear, light a cigar with all substances that never let you cheer

and  Burn away before a horizon of hope. Let that sunset just seep like those cracks fill with dope  And the longer you cope
Life will sing like the birds and the bees.
Let the wind boost your high Like medicinal leaves  For the trees provide a comforting breeze.  It permits us to breathe With Expressions at ease like the calm of the sea, Before dust devils climb to a thousand degrees And your souls make it past all the smoke and debris... You'll look all around,  With no future to see.
But when that first ray of sunlight starts blinding your face  May it leave the burning lust for hope,  Don't let it ever be replaced …

To Dream... The Impossible Dream?

"It is easy to hate and it is difficult to love. This is how the whole scheme of things works. All good things are difficult to achieve and all bad things are easy to get"  - Confucius 
          It was always this kind of rhetoric that I ignored as it was repeatedly recited to me in attempts to engrave wisdom into a child who had yet to experience life. I was more so trying to figure out the mysterious things. The human-like features of "Papa Dios" (God) and what those powers the elders spoke of entailed drove my curiosity through the roof. While growing up into the woman I am today, I often wondered why I'd spend countless nights wondering about something that was promised to never physically be seen until death came and we had to follow that light, not realizing that faith is something that must grow from within and we must possess inside of us without the need to constantly verify its existence. I then learned to channel and apply that energy towards my des…

A Rainy Daze

I didn't feel like throwing the hissy fit  Derived from childhood pain  Instead I snickered FOR the comic  I experienced on the train
The rain... Wasn't so bad  Even the clouds have disappeared  And all those joyous hopes and laughters Washed away this morning's tears.

A Letter To Adam... FROM EVE!!!


You've walked this earth alone so protect me with that shield. 
You could have helped this from the jump without stressing the way YOU feel. 
I commend you, for your bravery calls for this earth to save;
So help me banish all this madness that came from the love we made. 

Where shall I start though? 
Shall I share with them the story that tore us so far apart... bro? 

Here goes. 

So it is believed I come from Venus (just a ways out from his Mars.) 
I must have galloped across the moon somehow, falling beneath this star. 
When I made it off my spaceship, his welcoming felt too warm 
You see, that hand I shook burns smiles into unprecedented scars,
And I was fooled right from the start. 

I waited for the hand of that puppet master, standing from afar 
And proceeded to lead it into my brain
Where his out of this world thoughts AREN'T clinically insane
'Cause I know life comes with pain... but skies fill with planes.
May they lift you to a brighter day than fifty shades of grey, okay?


Talk Of Town - Whin By Any Means

On May 3rd,  Whin By Any Means (a reoccurring showcase that highlights talent in Washington Heights and Inwood in New York City)
Hosted the event
"Talk of Town"
which catered specifically to the spoken word poets uptown at 
Empire Fashion Boutique.
The turn out was rather refreshing considering the crowd was specifically there to listen to poetry from the heart. Photographer Jayral Middleton was able to capture some of the passion. More pics coming soon, so stay tuned!