The time has come yet again to stroll down the streets of Inwood, Manhattan. 
It's one of those places you can never ignore, and will always find something worth reading about or visiting.

The most important thing about this place for me at least, is that the memories made here growing up will never be forgotten. For instance, when I turned 18 and decided to get my first tattoo. 
I had been obsessed with keys for FOREVER. 

Old, vintage looking keys, dungeons and dragon looking keys, all sorts of 
crazy old rusty odd looking keys. 
They hold a ton of meaning to me, primarily because they serve the purpose of opening doors. But besides that, I had been looking at Miguel's work for quite some time. MIGUEL made that tattoo of my dreams happen for me! 

is the owner and tattoo artist at 

Liquid Skin Studio 

Located on

165 Sherman Avenue between 204th Street and Academy Street.

Aside from being one of the most skilled tattoo artists and humbled human beings I know, his shop features some of his and his brother Eddy's (aka Cel) most astoundingly eclectic artwork.


It is a tattoo shop SLASH art gallery!

I visited Miguel and Jose just the other day to pick up some new jewelry and was blown away for the millionth time at all the beautiful work that was being featured in the store. So I decided to take some pictures, and share it with you guys. Be sure to stop by and feast your eyes on the awesomeness while you're getting inked up!

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