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Love Logistics: System Overload!

Emotional thinking overload... it finds me at awkward times.  It tickles me that we're closer another nursery rhyme .  I find that when we're together it feels like a work of art but nothing could every explain it... the feeling I have in my heart.  The point is not how you love me or how good you plan to do. Just do it with good intention   and make sure that all is true. If you don't then please leave a clue and never make my heart blue ; just tell me whats on your mind  and i'll pour my heart out too.  Please love me if we're together; Please think of me from afar and when life just drives us crazy please rid me of all the scars.  I'd carry weight on my shoulders;  The weight of our weary hearts for these broken hearts were the madness  Right from the very start.