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Poetry For Soul: "Lost" By Pierina Medina

Blue orchids blossom in the root of my mind I'm blind but my eyes are one of a kind I find that in the rainforest  we are at a consistent loss only to find the right paths  in order for our souls should cross and I'm lost at a cause that caused these ripples in my sleep I'm only "sane" when one's to blame when love's impossible to keep and when I creep  I find that I have fallen far too deep these words then form and then conform and become these thoughts so sure to seep...

Some Simple Words of Life

Words of Life By: Pierina Medina  Born , cry, hurt, live Try, fall , bleed , give Grow , know , smile , frown Weep, creep, dont drown   sit … down run, soar Crash, give  want… more  Burn, yearn always learn Don't… make  the same wrong turn. Range, change , become yourself  Cherish happiness  and health. And wealth will come in greater ways Don't forget  at night to pray Breathe , leave  Happy, cheer Dreams , Streams  And have no fear.  Live your life,  enjoy it now It won't be coming back around. 

"Blossom" By Pierina Medina

A callus forms as we conform to ordinary ventures Ordinary in the sense  they're popular adventures some unabating liberties  given to sociopaths  and vultures breaking cultures  in such quantities so vast It's fast.  With circumstances long and unforgotten resulting in a bitter world that seems so spoiled and rotten For all I know this poetry is all the truth you know  I can't just wait around for change  My fears will start to show And grow  turn dreams to something notable and fine inspire other souls to live and learn  and make their worlds divine I rhyme to make it all enjoyable to read It's just my way to make my day  and water all creative seeds.  Love, Bot. 

Dope Alert: Meet Jose Rafael Rivera

#ProjectLovebot #LiveYBG #JoseRafaelRivera Welcome  welcome WELCOME... To where the SUN shines BRIGHTER and the rain  further fuels the creativity! This week's spotlight shines on the profusely talented  Jose Rafael Rivera Jose is kinda epic, and please do allow me to elaborate on my thoughts.  Two years ago, he makes the pleasant decision that he will draw; not just for a living, but because of his inevitable passion to for expressing the wonderful thoughts in his sophisticatedly colorful brain. Based in Washington Heights,  he sketches beautifully distorted yet intriguing drawings and plays around with the colors and effects on his computer. This may sound like an ordinary hobby to some, but to me its so much more than a whole bunch of lines and colors on a paper.  Today he shares with #ProjectLovebot this striking work of art entitled "American Badass" showcasing his eclecticism from his collection which is not to mention, si

The Come Up - Meet Maggy, The Dog Walker

With the recent buzz penetrating Washington Heights as the TV show continues to successfully put individuals trying to "make it" on the map, there is an increasing number of talent ranging from singers to rappers, actresses to dancers, painters to photographers, models and tons more. Now, I'm not here to knock anyone, I support them 100 percent. Furthermore, I advise everyone to follow their dreams and passions, and may they lead them to success! But I'd like to focus on someone who isn't only the most awesome person I've ever met, but has taken a slightly different approach from today's mainstream at making it in this "concrete jungle" we all speak of. Meet Magnolia Fernandez, the hilariously charming, humble, dog walker from that little area slightly above Washington Heights that many still don't refer to as Inwood but "Dyckman" instead. Magnolia (aka Maggy) is the head dog walker and owner at P.A.W.S NY on the

Be A Sucker, Not A SUCKER!

A Sucker for love.  And I'd write you a POEM if push comes to shove It's now friday night and PRAY  to ABOVE that my SOUL someday flies  Like the eagles and doves.  And I know...  That my THOUGHTS  are my OWN.            But I wish on a STAR that       you've learned them and grown Because life  is too short to asses and  CONDONE these emotions of poison...  or wind up    ALONE.