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New Poem Coming Soon

Mind Over Matter

"... Do it for the need for knowledge, do it for some power. Do it for the future, so our thoughts they shall devour!" 
From a poem titled "Mind Over Matter"

It's Time

Today my thoughts are so unusually mild.
They have nested and rested away from the wild They're are dreaming a dream of an indigo child And they're keeping my readings of dreams right on file.
I'm like clay
With no definition, my mind likes to stray. I sometimes will weep but I like it that way  For the wisdom attracted is welcome to stay
Will I ever return to my home? If I'm always away but I'm never alone, If my kingdom awaits and they garnished my throne  Would I give up crusades that can crush all these bones?
Or can I just continue to shine
Because though it has been such a very long time Since love conquered all of the troublesome minds In the back of my mind lies a plot so divine.

Broken Smiles

Through the cracks of that shack you call your own habitat,  I can hear the squeaks from the storm setting in. Some must intake the real Some withhold from within 
When raindrops wash all the dry tear marks of fear from your face Paint a smile I can actually feel
Ask not how, But with your drive high gear, light a cigar with all substances that never let you cheer

and  Burn away before a horizon of hope. Let that sunset just seep like those cracks fill with dope  And the longer you cope
Life will sing like the birds and the bees.
Let the wind boost your high Like medicinal leaves  For the trees provide a comforting breeze.  It permits us to breathe With Expressions at ease like the calm of the sea, Before dust devils climb to a thousand degrees And your souls make it past all the smoke and debris... You'll look all around,  With no future to see.
But when that first ray of sunlight starts blinding your face  May it leave the burning lust for hope,  Don't let it ever be replaced …

To Dream... The Impossible Dream?

"It is easy to hate and it is difficult to love. This is how the whole scheme of things works. All good things are difficult to achieve and all bad things are easy to get"  - Confucius 
          It was always this kind of rhetoric that I ignored as it was repeatedly recited to me in attempts to engrave wisdom into a child who had yet to experience life. I was more so trying to figure out the mysterious things. The human-like features of "Papa Dios" (God) and what those powers the elders spoke of entailed drove my curiosity through the roof. While growing up into the woman I am today, I often wondered why I'd spend countless nights wondering about something that was promised to never physically be seen until death came and we had to follow that light, not realizing that faith is something that must grow from within and we must possess inside of us without the need to constantly verify its existence. I then learned to channel and apply that energy towards my des…

A Rainy Daze

I didn't feel like throwing the hissy fit  Derived from childhood pain  Instead I snickered FOR the comic  I experienced on the train
The rain... Wasn't so bad  Even the clouds have disappeared  And all those joyous hopes and laughters Washed away this morning's tears.

A Letter To Adam... FROM EVE!!!


You've walked this earth alone so protect me with that shield. 
You could have helped this from the jump without stressing the way YOU feel. 
I commend you, for your bravery calls for this earth to save;
So help me banish all this madness that came from the love we made. 

Where shall I start though? 
Shall I share with them the story that tore us so far apart... bro? 

Here goes. 

So it is believed I come from Venus (just a ways out from his Mars.) 
I must have galloped across the moon somehow, falling beneath this star. 
When I made it off my spaceship, his welcoming felt too warm 
You see, that hand I shook burns smiles into unprecedented scars,
And I was fooled right from the start. 

I waited for the hand of that puppet master, standing from afar 
And proceeded to lead it into my brain
Where his out of this world thoughts AREN'T clinically insane
'Cause I know life comes with pain... but skies fill with planes.
May they lift you to a brighter day than fifty shades of grey, okay?


Talk Of Town - Whin By Any Means

On May 3rd,  Whin By Any Means (a reoccurring showcase that highlights talent in Washington Heights and Inwood in New York City)
Hosted the event
"Talk of Town"
which catered specifically to the spoken word poets uptown at 
Empire Fashion Boutique.
The turn out was rather refreshing considering the crowd was specifically there to listen to poetry from the heart. Photographer Jayral Middleton was able to capture some of the passion. More pics coming soon, so stay tuned! 

"Power Is In OUR Possession; The Key Is To Embrace It" - The Unknown Poet

It's hard to not write about lust, heartbreak, war, unhappiness, troubles, insecurities, and hate in the kind of world that we're living in today. Its already bad enough that negative thoughts and ideas seem to travel as fast as the speed of light yet thoughts and words on positivity, love, and happiness are many times viewed as the facade of an unrealistic dreamer.
 I was riding the train sometime this winter. This guy came in the wagon I was in and began telling us he was going to recite a poem. Of course, I pulled out my phone as soon as he said the word "recite" and started recording just because thats what I do (lol.) The only (and most important thing) that I FAILED to do was take this amazing poet's information down because when he finished his second piece, he rushed out of the train, and It truly saddened me. 
Upon the commencement of this remarkable poem I realized something very interesting. I was probably the only person paying attention …

#WhinByAnyMeans #Artsy Event Performing "My Dear" (Mind Over Matter) at Mimosa Lounge

First off, I'd love to thank the ENTIRE 
Whin Committee
For introducing me to a new world of performing arts. I have NEVER in my life touched  a stage before, but I feel like after last thursday, it may have been the start to something amazing.  As long as I can openly share my thoughts, strengths, and weaknesses through spoken word with the world, the feeling is prodigious. I'm not going to lie, I was the most nervous I had been since I was in labor almost three years ago. Something interesting happened though. The butterflies suddenly turned into wings that lifted me up into the clouds, into a much higher place. 
I did mess up, a couple of times (oh well.) But overall I think it was a pretty good turn out. 
But this video is dedicated mostly to all my
the ones who leave me comments, read my poems from DAY 1, and  continue to be the reason why I share my passion for writing which has flourished into a dream to recite 
Spoken Word Poetry. 
I love you all, and her…



The time has come yet again to stroll down the streets of Inwood, Manhattan.  It's one of those places you can never ignore, and will always find something worth reading about or visiting.
The most important thing about this place for me at least, is that the memories made here growing up will never be forgotten. For instance, when I turned 18 and decided to get my first tattoo.  I had been obsessed with keys for FOREVER. 
Old, vintage looking keys, dungeons and dragon looking keys, all sorts of  crazy old rusty odd looking keys.  They hold a ton of meaning to me, primarily because they serve the purpose of opening doors. But besides that, I had been looking at Miguel's work for quite some time. MIGUEL made that tattoo of my dreams happen for me! 
is the owner and tattoo artist at 
Liquid Skin Studio 
Located on

165 Sherman Avenue between 204th Street and Academy Street.

Aside from being one of the most skilled tattoo artists and humbled human beings I know, his sho…

Cheery Eyes.

Plain misunderstandings;
the kinds of sows we reap
A sinister mentality 
and answers far too cheap and
Don't turn it into 
everlasting WEIGHT;
an energy far too 
and known to eradicate 
that happiness from your face 
so pure and oh so 
The kind that frees you from yourself 
when you're thinking you've lost your mind
and may you find 
the light of the consumption of your fears 
and may your heart allow the 
to die from it's splendid 

Love Logistics: System Overload!

Emotional thinking overload... it finds me at awkward times.  It tickles me that we're closer
another nursery rhyme
I find that when we're together it feels like a work of art but nothing could every explain it...
the feeling I have in my heart. 
The point is not how you love me or how good you plan to do. Just do it with good intention and make sure that all is true.
If you don't then please leave a clue and never make my heart blue; just tell me whats on your mind  and i'll pour my heart out too. 
Please love me if we're together; Please think of me from afar and when life just drives us crazy please rid me of all the scars. 
I'd carry weight on my shoulders;  The weight of our weary hearts for these broken hearts were the madness 
Right from the very start. 

Poetry For Soul: "Lost" By Pierina Medina

Blue orchids blossom in the root of my mind
I'm blind
but my eyes are one of a kind
I find
that in the rainforest 
we are at a consistent loss
only to find the right paths 
in order for our souls should cross
and I'm lost
at a cause that caused these ripples in my sleep
I'm only "sane" when one's to blame
when love's impossible to keep
and when I creep 
I find that I have fallen far too deep
these words then form and then conform
and become these thoughts so sure to seep...

Some Simple Words of Life

Words of Life
By: Pierina Medina 

Born, cry, hurt, live Try, fall, bleed, give Grow, know, smile, frown Weep, creep, dont drown sit… down run, soar Crash, give  want… more  Burn, yearn always learn Don't… make  the same wrongturn. Range, change, become yourself  Cherish happiness  and health. And wealth will come in greater ways Don't forget  at night to pray Breathe, leave  Happy, cheer Dreams, Streams  And have no fear.  Live your life,  enjoy it now It won't be coming back around. 

"Blossom" By Pierina Medina

A callus forms as we conform to ordinary ventures Ordinary in the sense  they're popular adventures some unabating liberties  given to sociopaths  and vultures breaking cultures  in such quantities so vast

It's fast. 
With circumstances long and unforgotten resulting in a bitter world that seems so spoiled and rotten
For all I know this poetry is all the truth you know  I can't just wait around for change  My fears will start to show
And grow 
turn dreams to something notable and fine inspire other souls to live and learn  and make their worlds divine
I rhyme
to make it all enjoyable to read It's just my way to make my day  and water all creative seeds. 

Love, Bot. 

Dope Alert: Meet Jose Rafael Rivera


Welcome welcomeWELCOME...
To where the SUN shines BRIGHTER and the rain  further fuels the creativity!
This week's spotlight shines on the profusely talented 
Jose Rafael Rivera
Jose is kinda epic, and please do allow me to elaborate on my thoughts. 
Two years ago, he makes the pleasant decision that he will draw; not just for a living, but because of his inevitable passion to for expressing the wonderful thoughts in his sophisticatedly colorful brain. Based in Washington Heights,  he sketches beautifully distorted yet intriguing drawings and plays around with the colors and effects on his computer. This may sound like an ordinary hobby to some, but to me its so much more than a whole bunch of lines and colors on a paper. 
Today he shares with #ProjectLovebot this striking work of art entitled "American Badass" showcasing his eclecticism from his collection which is not to mention, simply a mental joy ride. 

Oh wait... Here are …

The Come Up - Meet Maggy, The Dog Walker

With the recent buzz penetrating Washington Heights as the TV show continues to successfully put individuals trying to "make it" on the map, there is an increasing number of talent ranging from singers to rappers, actresses to dancers, painters to photographers, models and tons more. Now, I'm not here to knock anyone, I support them 100 percent. Furthermore, I advise everyone to follow their dreams and passions, and may they lead them to success!

But I'd like to focus on someone who isn't only the most awesome person I've ever met, but has taken a slightly different approach from today's mainstream at making it in this "concrete jungle" we all speak of.

Meet Magnolia Fernandez, the hilariously charming, humble, dog walker from that little area slightly above Washington Heights that many still don't refer to as Inwood but "Dyckman" instead. Magnolia (aka Maggy) is the head dog walker and owner at P.A.W.S NY on the upper east side o…

Be A Sucker, Not A SUCKER!

A Sucker for love. 
And I'd write you a POEM if push comes to shove
It's now friday night and PRAY  to ABOVE that my SOUL someday flies  Like the eagles and doves. 
And I know... 
That my THOUGHTS are my OWN.            But I wish on a STAR that       you've learned them and grown

Because life is too short to asses and  CONDONE these emotions of poison...  or wind up  ALONE.

Beauty 101: The Lip Series By Lismua

Written By Pierina Medina

Calling all girls, women, ladies, princesses, queens, make-up lovers and BEAUTY
Have you taken the time out of your day to view freelance make up artist Lismua's
Well, luckily you're in the right place at the right time. 
Check out her latest creations as she takes wearing lipstick to a whole new level!!! 
Seriously... LOOK!