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One Bot Two Bot Heart Bot Gold Bot.

Brainstorming Bot Heart Bot 

NY City Girl.

I get lost, ALOT in New York City. It's not that I don't know where i'm going, but...  I walk aimlessly past these mean streets  purposely taking the long way when I have  extra time so that I can soak up  as much as I possibly can.  Life's too short to not enjoy the simple things.  Good Day!  -P Money. 

Lights, Camera, Action!

Lights camera action  My passion's really a movie  Traffic lights non existent My fashion so very groovy  Troubled souls try to school me A rebel put to the test My colors render you blinded  I wear my pride on my chest  Restlessness, heavy breaths  I'm hiding within the depths  This train is taking forever  And puts my death to the test Lights camera action  A heart severely defenseless  A passion so very groovy  Perseverant, relentless.    =) 

My Dear,

Was it love? Lust? Dark corners   or boundaries?  My inner goddess whimpers  I find myself in a quandary  Laundry, baggage  Ripped my heart out, so savage  But the only thing I hold Is the key to this soul. I'll then be whole, but behold Morbidity says a lot.  But even darkest holes just aren't  Deep enough for the plot. I wipe my tears  So that you don't confuse them with fear for this is just another life reflecting moment,  my dear.  Love, P


In my mind i have a Visual Of all of my residuals The mess that i have made Love CAN be individual! I never try to escape it I try to cast no fears And every time I fall again My soul just drowns in tears. I wear my claws out on my sleeves So you could See it coming And don't you hide Behind those eyes Or think that you'll be running. I don't relate to evil But the world is far from safe, And til I head back home I need a love I could embrace One with good intention, One with no expectation. One that results happiness And much consideration. A love so strong it's concrete An abstract work of art, An accident engraved itself Directly in my heart. My heavy thoughts - apocalyptic They hide inside These thoughts so cryptic It's far from normal, Destiny brought this It's project lovebot, MY synopsis With Love, P. 

Elements Of The Bot Week III (Part II)

These events took place in my life last week.  #iPhoneCamera. MY lab. =)  its all in my head.  agenda with style on #projectlovebot @chrystal's  "Classy Bathroom" - Ibiza Inwood, Manhattan, MyVille*** =)  this shoe... =D 

Elements Of The Bot Week III (Part 1)

deadlines, contracts, #projectlovebot... all on my mind.  Today's Agenda. Where's my Chai Latte?  I'm gonna make this. An idea. =)  =)  double =) =)  Mitochondria, The Foundation.