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Song Of The Week: "Just Play It" (Hip Hop) By Gonz

Hip Hop.  What do you think of when you hear the words " hip-hop "?  bboying, mc's, rapping, graffiti, culture, knowledge, zulu nation, pop locking, peace, unity and having fun  are just some of the quick thoughts that ran through my mind initially.  But musically, theres a break down that to some, may seem a tad bit cliche. But if you ask Philly native Gonz ... Is it rhythm ? Soul search ? Is rock and roll incorperated?  Maybe a little blues and funk , or jazz and smooth ? "How about all the above?" Says the talented, eclectic music making machine.  You've got to love the feel of "Just Play It" off of his self titled mix tape "Gonz."  What this young, creative hit maker does is simply break down some of the core musical influences of hip hop, and writes a simple song that is catchy, groovy, and overall enjoyable as he plays with each of these elements in the verses. At the end of the day, when someone a


His heart asked me to listen, I heard it very faint. His aspirations glistened, some tasks filled with constraints. He looks at me in wonder, the woman in his dreams, His walls are up but fists are down, his pain pours out in streams. Another drunken night and countless broken hearts It puzzles me how great it is that we’re so far apart. If he gets any closer, deeper into my thoughts He’d render me defensive; he’d render my hopes shot. A beautiful encounter, “my greatest one” I call Immensely filled with luster, so much it made us fall. And now I catch myself, I mustn’t show it all My pride is much too big right now, our hearts covered in scars. See love is like this challenge, equipped with works of magic; With stories that are beautiful and tears that taste so tragic. I want all of his sadness and I’d love a side of fear And if he had my lips tonight I’d kiss away those tears. I’d love him like no other if I knew his love would stay. I’d comfort

My Grandma Is Entering The Heavens Today!

These clouds started rumbling before my very eyes and ears at the precise moment she was being laid to rest...  thousands of miles away.  The forecast says "no rain" today,  but my grandma is entering the heavens.  Rest In Peace Mama!

Elements of The Bot: Week 2

Things I've enjoyed this week. A lot! =)  My Dentist Visit, Flatiron, NY Homeless Shelter, Harlem, NY  Beating Justin @ Chess, Again! Harlem, NY My Children Bonding, Inwood, NY A baby cat in the wilderness somewhere, trying to survive. Thanks for the pic Sacario!