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Song Of The Week: "Running Upstairs" By Bizness

Hip-Hop/Rap: Capturing The Creative Process

No hoes, no club, no bottles and no bullshit (please do pardon my French, but I’m also so serious.) Instead, what the Long Island native brings to us is real rap, real talk, bars, punch lines, metaphors, and a heck of a flow. This man is simply showcasing the creative process beginning from a simple idea (as he quotes Pablo Picasso in the intro), to making a beat, to a rhyme told strolling down the street about real life experiences in this place we call our world. The artist featured for this week’s song of the week flows like a natural poet and tells it like it is. This is Bizness, and here is ”Running Upstairs” off his mix tape “Driven.”

Follow The Music! Bizness: http://WWW.BIZNESS516.COM/

The Official "Cruel Summer" Teaser

A look at the aesthetics of G.O.O.D's music video for the hit single "Mercy"

Posted Monday, August 20th, 2012 at 10:32 am | Darien Trujillo on

As the world awaits “Cruel Summer," the collaborative album/short film feature from Kanye West’s record label G.O.O.D (Getting Out Our Dreams), their latest music video “Mercy” offers some insight as to what audiences can expect. Directed by Nabil Elderkin, a longtime friend and collaborator of West’s, “Mercy’s” visual accompaniment is an ode to minimalist art. From the  horizontal stripes and steps that run the length of the Qatar parking lot to the negative space angles created by each posed rapper---this is an anti-rap video. It gives audiences a glimpse of what's been inspiring Kanye West as of late (middle-eastern culture), while eschewing the ennui rap motifs of bouncing cars, video hoes, and flying money. The monochromatic color schem…

Elements of The Bot: Week 1


Song of The Week - "Number Two" By Chadd Downing

I've been listening closely to this amazing artist from Trenton, NJ, Chadd Downing. I'm in love with several tracks on his mixtape "PMFL" but this "Number Two" track produced by Hannibal King is just what the doctor ordered. For a hip hop/rap loving poetry enthusiast like myself, it captivates the essence. Take a quick listen and tell me what you think. Then, feast your ears to the rest of his dopeness on

Home Sweet Home, Bittersweet, Sweet Home Home!

Like, how do I describe
The ugly man in my past
Without sounding equivalent
To devils and morbid casts
How does one begin
To describe a world full of sin
When people so full of hatred
Are leaders that walk with grins
Disguises; we call them smiles
Despair shops with endless aisles
While some of them feel so empty
Others uncover “wild.”
Where we risk without crossing fingers
These hearts with so many miles
Where love is a gloomy prison
And lust gives too many trials.

To be continued. My apologies.=P