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What Do YOU do!?

If what you do is sing
then sing until melody is
If what YOU DO is dance,
prance across the globe
and through the streets of romance
and if what you do IS paint
paint me a dream far from faint;
hold no boundaries, hold no constraints.

If you BUILT me a cloud
its the new home for these thoughts

and I'll build us a home
WITH the LOVE that I've brought.

If what you do is SMILE
then warm up this room
show teeth FOR a mile
and you'll reach the stars soon
and if you like to run
then run for THE prize
and if you just play BALL,
then please aim for the SKY.

If you like to play instruments
drums or guitar
then PLAY me a tune
heal my heart of these scars 

if you happen to rap,
then spit a 16
and show ME those bars
validate your regime
inject my blood stream
because rap equals essence
and HIP HOP my queen.

If what you do is WRITE
then write me a play
make it ABOUT LOVE
so i'll be sure to stay
and i'd read everyday
for as long as you write
TILL our HEARTS become one

Love, P

read the all the bold words. 


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The Dopest Ones

The Death of Social Media

The universe has changed itself  from core to skies above  with a billion ways of sharing our million forms of love.  These headlines we present ourselves  too often alter egos  and these followers are fooled  faster than fastest, baldest eagles.  "Looking to get booked" they say "Inquiries" they speak of...  Then build this must for trust in things  that WE know nothing of.  Some share all their emotion counts,  some can't tell them apart some down to double tapping screens to glance at little hearts. Hate comes from lack of "likes" "likes" go to whats not real Its almost like this social shit  runs how we truly feel.  So "SCREEN!!!" I scream "oh bloody screen I do not have a clue!  I do not know how my iPhone  is  Dictating my to do's! It said that there's a way for me  to filter all the signs  that transport these illusions  from a caption to the mind.  I s