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In NYC? Stop, Eat, and Drink HERE: Sake Bar Decibel

There are a lot of places in the city of New York that don't have the recognition that they deserve. I love Japanese food, and drinks! So the Sake Bar Decibel in the East Village is one of my favorite places in the world first, because it has a ton of sentimental value, and TWO because it is simply amazing! The staff is incredible, the bartender knows me, (lol) and the appetizers and drinks are food porn meets celebration. So, is this awesome decor or what? YOU GET TO WRITE WHATEVER YOU WANT ALL OVER THE PLACE! Sake! The entrance is a tad peculiar, but perfect in my eyes! Get the shrimp chips, potato salad, salmon salad, shumai, and a nice cold bottle of Jokigen. Yep! #everything! Boxes of Jokigen Don't forget the lychee! I was feeling exactly like the fish... lol Located on 240 E 9th Street  New York, NY 10003 Between 2nd & 3rd Avenues Follow Sake Bar Decibel:


Whenever you feel like life is becoming too difficult to cope with think about others. If life is becoming difficult because you're thinking about others, then do something about it. If you don't know what to do about it, write! I promise, something always comes from putting your thoughts down on paper. It may be something good, possibly liberating. Probably something different than what you're used to doing if you're not a writer and if you ARE a writer, well then you know how this goes. Whether its an idea, plan, list, goal, feeling, you can always go back to something you wrote and reflect on it in the future. Its called growth! Just pick up the pen and write something even if you don't know what the fuck you're even holding that pen for. (and please do pardon my french.) But you seriously need to write! Especially if you're reading this and you're wondering why you're still reading it, then I guarantee you could use something to write about. And

Beauty Of The Week!

This week, I'm beginning beauty of the week. I just think its kind of dope that there are passionate people still out in the world that are beautiful in their own way, and showcase it no matter who it is that's watching. I feel like the kind of people that read my blog would appreciate seeing people like this shine. So, this is Lisnett aka Lismua, an awesome freelance make up artist from Uptown Manhattan in New York City. Between hustling and bustling between a full time job, mother, and passionate diva/make up artist, she has definitely awed and impressed everyone around her with her artistic magic! Here are some of the faces she has enhanced!!! Magnolia Fernandez The Love Bot The Love Bot WORK! Arabelis De Luna "Love the skin you're in, embrace your features, and show your inner beauty!"  This is Lisnett's motto, and that is why she is this week's Beauty of The Week!  Follow L

One Bot Two Bot Heart Bot Gold Bot.

Brainstorming Bot Heart Bot 

NY City Girl.

I get lost, ALOT in New York City. It's not that I don't know where i'm going, but...  I walk aimlessly past these mean streets  purposely taking the long way when I have  extra time so that I can soak up  as much as I possibly can.  Life's too short to not enjoy the simple things.  Good Day!  -P Money. 

Lights, Camera, Action!

Lights camera action  My passion's really a movie  Traffic lights non existent My fashion so very groovy  Troubled souls try to school me A rebel put to the test My colors render you blinded  I wear my pride on my chest  Restlessness, heavy breaths  I'm hiding within the depths  This train is taking forever  And puts my death to the test Lights camera action  A heart severely defenseless  A passion so very groovy  Perseverant, relentless.    =) 

My Dear,

Was it love? Lust? Dark corners   or boundaries?  My inner goddess whimpers  I find myself in a quandary  Laundry, baggage  Ripped my heart out, so savage  But the only thing I hold Is the key to this soul. I'll then be whole, but behold Morbidity says a lot.  But even darkest holes just aren't  Deep enough for the plot. I wipe my tears  So that you don't confuse them with fear for this is just another life reflecting moment,  my dear.  Love, P


In my mind i have a Visual Of all of my residuals The mess that i have made Love CAN be individual! I never try to escape it I try to cast no fears And every time I fall again My soul just drowns in tears. I wear my claws out on my sleeves So you could See it coming And don't you hide Behind those eyes Or think that you'll be running. I don't relate to evil But the world is far from safe, And til I head back home I need a love I could embrace One with good intention, One with no expectation. One that results happiness And much consideration. A love so strong it's concrete An abstract work of art, An accident engraved itself Directly in my heart. My heavy thoughts - apocalyptic They hide inside These thoughts so cryptic It's far from normal, Destiny brought this It's project lovebot, MY synopsis With Love, P. 

Elements Of The Bot Week III (Part II)

These events took place in my life last week.  #iPhoneCamera. MY lab. =)  its all in my head.  agenda with style on #projectlovebot @chrystal's  "Classy Bathroom" - Ibiza Inwood, Manhattan, MyVille*** =)  this shoe... =D 

Elements Of The Bot Week III (Part 1)

deadlines, contracts, #projectlovebot... all on my mind.  Today's Agenda. Where's my Chai Latte?  I'm gonna make this. An idea. =)  =)  double =) =)  Mitochondria, The Foundation. 

Song Of The Week: "Just Play It" (Hip Hop) By Gonz

Hip Hop.  What do you think of when you hear the words " hip-hop "?  bboying, mc's, rapping, graffiti, culture, knowledge, zulu nation, pop locking, peace, unity and having fun  are just some of the quick thoughts that ran through my mind initially.  But musically, theres a break down that to some, may seem a tad bit cliche. But if you ask Philly native Gonz ... Is it rhythm ? Soul search ? Is rock and roll incorperated?  Maybe a little blues and funk , or jazz and smooth ? "How about all the above?" Says the talented, eclectic music making machine.  You've got to love the feel of "Just Play It" off of his self titled mix tape "Gonz."  What this young, creative hit maker does is simply break down some of the core musical influences of hip hop, and writes a simple song that is catchy, groovy, and overall enjoyable as he plays with each of these elements in the verses. At the end of the day, when someone a


His heart asked me to listen, I heard it very faint. His aspirations glistened, some tasks filled with constraints. He looks at me in wonder, the woman in his dreams, His walls are up but fists are down, his pain pours out in streams. Another drunken night and countless broken hearts It puzzles me how great it is that we’re so far apart. If he gets any closer, deeper into my thoughts He’d render me defensive; he’d render my hopes shot. A beautiful encounter, “my greatest one” I call Immensely filled with luster, so much it made us fall. And now I catch myself, I mustn’t show it all My pride is much too big right now, our hearts covered in scars. See love is like this challenge, equipped with works of magic; With stories that are beautiful and tears that taste so tragic. I want all of his sadness and I’d love a side of fear And if he had my lips tonight I’d kiss away those tears. I’d love him like no other if I knew his love would stay. I’d comfort

My Grandma Is Entering The Heavens Today!

These clouds started rumbling before my very eyes and ears at the precise moment she was being laid to rest...  thousands of miles away.  The forecast says "no rain" today,  but my grandma is entering the heavens.  Rest In Peace Mama!

Elements of The Bot: Week 2

Things I've enjoyed this week. A lot! =)  My Dentist Visit, Flatiron, NY Homeless Shelter, Harlem, NY  Beating Justin @ Chess, Again! Harlem, NY My Children Bonding, Inwood, NY A baby cat in the wilderness somewhere, trying to survive. Thanks for the pic Sacario! 

Song Of The Week: "Running Upstairs" By Bizness

Hip-Hop/Rap: Capturing The Creative Process   "Driven" by Bizness No hoes, no club, no bottles and no bullshit (please do pardon my French, but I’m also so serious.) Instead, what the Long Island native brings to us is real rap, real talk, bars, punch lines, metaphors, and a heck of a flow. This man is simply showcasing the creative process beginning from a simple idea (as he quotes Pablo Picasso in the intro), to making a beat, to a rhyme told strolling down the street about real life experiences in this place we call our world. The artist featured for this week’s song of the week flows like a natural poet and tells it like it is. This is Bizness, and here is ”Running Upstairs” off his mix tape “Driven.”   Follow The Music! Bizness: http://WWW.BIZNESS516.COM/

The Official "Cruel Summer" Teaser

A look at the aesthetics of G.O.O.D's music video for the hit single "Mercy" Posted Monday, August 20th, 2012 at 10:32 am | Darien Trujillo on As the world awaits “Cruel Summer," the collaborative album/short film feature from Kanye West’s record label G.O.O.D (Getting Out Our Dreams), their latest music video “Mercy” offers some insight as to what audiences can expect. Directed by Nabil Elderkin, a longtime friend and collaborator of West’s, “Mercy’s” visual accompaniment is an ode to minimalist art. From the  horizontal stripes and steps that run the length of the Qatar parking lot to the negative space angles created by each posed rapper---this is an anti-rap video. It gives audiences a glimpse of what's been inspiring Kanye West as of late (middle-eastern culture), while eschewing the ennui rap motifs of bouncing cars, video hoes, and flyin

Elements of The Bot: Week 1

Things: Life: Work Site, Park Avenue, NYC #ProjectLovebot        Style: In mY Closet, Devan Miles #ProjectLovebot Art - Ariela #ProjectLovebot Accessorize Your Life: #ProjectLovebot Style: Lovebot Kicks #ProjectLovebot

Song of The Week - "Number Two" By Chadd Downing

I've been listening closely to this amazing artist from Trenton, NJ, Chadd Downing. I'm in love with several tracks on his mixtape "PMFL" but this "Number Two" track produced by Hannibal King is just what the doctor ordered. For a hip hop/rap loving poetry enthusiast like myself, it captivates the essence. Take a quick listen and tell me what you think. Then, feast your ears to the rest of his dopeness on
Spread the WORDS. #projectlovebot

Home Sweet Home, Bittersweet, Sweet Home Home!

Like, how do I describe The ugly man in my past Without sounding equivalent To devils and morbid casts How does one begin To describe a world full of sin When people so full of hatred Are leaders that walk with grins Disguises; we call them smiles Despair shops with endless aisles While some of them feel so empty Others uncover “wild.” Where we risk without crossing fingers These hearts with so many miles Where love is a gloomy prison And lust gives too many trials. To be continued. My apologies.   =P 
Fill these bad boys and then walk in them. Then talk sh*t. #myshoes. 



Faded Memories.

Sunglasses and Advil Tomorrow. 


This was SUCH a great game. Learn about a person through chess. 

My Trebbible Life. Yes... Trebible.

How cool is it that i'm putting together this bra and my thread gets tangled... like this! #dopeness. 

The Dripping of my Brain: Come Catch The Juice!

I love the Upper East Side of Manhattan. When i'm not dog-walking here or showing apartments, I sit on this very bench at Normandie Court and let my mind drip. Then dip. And to me, it always looks like this. <3