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Hopeful Romantic

Remember that night I fell asleep and let the wind push the clouds? You know, for once I could not frown Because they tilted my sleep to a free fall so steep That somehow, I fell under your crown. And this dreamworld I felt was the warmest of places. More comforting was those forehead kisses you gave me when you came from wherever it is that you were. You arrived with this shield and this cape made of fur, And who questions a sight so absurd? So the thought – I adjourned. I must have been deep. Now I wake and here you are; You’re not my sun, nor a star or the moonlight so bright that can shine from so far. You are light; but like you’ve traveled this far And left your baggage in places where you just had to depart but worry not, ‘Cause one more time we’ll embark. And all those knights that you brought shall voyage into your soul; Embark in masses of battles that last until we grow old Or ‘til you’re finally told that if this tongue fails to plant its seed And you decide…
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This is my first post in a while. I think the reason is mainly that I stopped trusting my own intelligence to the point where I was out there (on the net) reading different blogs to figure out what people were reading about in this day in age. 2019 is almost over. Can you believe that? It seems like everyone’s birthday around me was a bit monumental for them too. A lot of shit transpired in the last year. I think there were like 17,000 retrogrades all together, overlapping this spring and summer alone, no? For me it was more than just an eye opener. Its like when you think you’re about to have a dope spring/summer because winter kept it all the way real and you think you know and been through it all… and then BOOM! Saturn makes you pay for all your lifetime sins (it seems) all at once, BACK TO BACK. Holy shit! Everything started to blow up in everyone’s face around me in starting in like March/April. I think it is safe to say that and all of those around me and myself encountered some…

Cloud Nine

The gas, it grows thicker On this hydro plane. The beat of our rhythm Just isn't the same. Oh, how I just wish This was no fruitless trip With hopes of US still... We're attached at the hip.
I wandered and stared At the white open sky. It rendered me calm, With no clear reason why. I've never been loved In this strangest of ways But if love is so, For too long don't stray.
While stuck on our "then" Avoiding the now, Emotional coasters Now question the "hows?". It never came easy To learn and to grow So do I pick up the pieces? From here, where to go?
I blame no one for this; What felt so deceiving. My cries, deeply rooted And you don't believe me! Everyone sees me And questions my pain. Could I care less When there's so much to gain?
Again we succumb To such distance, such haste. Your speech filled my void. What's love without trace? The lust in these clouds... My mind out of place; Too oddly familiar With this empty space.

Twenty-Fine "Queen"

What makes you "queen"?  Is it an imaginary place in your own game of thrones,  or that stare of stone from above your cheekbones  that let the entire world just know? 
Is it inside of your pupils that lie countless miles of self worth  since you've #broken down the walls of a curse  that for lifetimes caused you some necessary hurt? 
Were you ready to convert into the woman that  on this day they stare in the face with such grace?  Like the best wine that took it's sweet while to get that fine,  you've developed a lasting taste only authenticity can define. You have to have been there to see it-  done all these years with me to believe it  when TIME was the only remedy that churned this  self love, so divine.  So a toast just for you, twenty-nine.


Sometimes (awake) I face the pane and spy the calming rain.  I'd wonder if this sudden reign  has only come in vain.  I'd strain; I'd refrain  from fear of falling weak. Then butterflies  from eyes so bright defeat my sleep. 
With no clue whatsoever  who could ever explain these how's, I luckily sat there, patiently beneath this midnight power.  It wasn't very dark, although  it was the mid-night hour  when our minds are out there  wandering leaving wandering souls devoured and I said:  "stare at your reflection  like you're staring into brightness." Faced a dimly-lit mirror,  said  "greatness (patient) waits to bite this..." Now, my fears allowed me to write this  so my voice can try and recite this,  so that wonderful dreams and what lovers won't see make an impact enough to ignite this. If you like this, then heaven excites this; If awakened, you'd never despise this. Our thrones and agility naturally grows when our mental abilit…

Edgar Allan

The Trap

(For My New York City A Train Rush Hour Ridin' Ass People)
Blank stares on the A train I recognize this too completely Express stops to nowhere  Where expressions can live freely  And the train is packed  so there's no room for healing  what we're dealing with here.  It's called new Yorker syndrome.  Out of towners are perplexed by  The emptiness such a lit city can bring home. Their accents, questions and lack  of direction makes our ears ring.  They don't understand us.  They know that we are free While we fear they'll reprimand us  For feeling free enough to agree that  A little while back new York  fucked up the family tree that  brings us all together, and we're  Losing hopes due to the note that  we might have fucked up forever.  We don't mind our own endeavors enough  To hide the disdain because  It costs us to breathe.  We often don't complain because  the garners had it worse and  Their hearts may never be at ease  under a ruler that will never be pleased  (If so are w…


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Meet "HER," or "ELLE," or as my mom likes to call her, "Ella". 
She is a shadow that symbolizes flow through organized chaos. In a word interesting enough to not be too crazy, dark enough to show her light but just the right amount of colorful lightning added, I look at her as my motivation to keep my cool. This is is a four piece installment I painted with acrylic paint on four 9" x 12" canvases, which together form a 18" x 24" installment. It is currently hanging up over my work desk, but prints are definitely available for sale. 
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The Death of Social Media

The universe has changed itself  from core to skies above  with a billion ways of sharing our million forms of love.  These headlines we present ourselves  too often alter egos  and these followers are fooled  faster than fastest, baldest eagles.  "Looking to get booked" they say "Inquiries" they speak of...  Then build this must for trust in things  that WE know nothing of.  Some share all their emotion counts,  some can't tell them apart some down to double tapping screens to glance at little hearts. Hate comes from lack of "likes" "likes" go to whats not real Its almost like this social shit  runs how we truly feel.  So "SCREEN!!!" I scream "oh bloody screen I do not have a clue!  I do not know how mIphone is  Dictating my to do's! It said that there's a way for me  to filter all the signs  that transport these illusions  from a caption to the mind.  I say don't give up living for a quick push of a button Let's not just look at news feeds…